How to get a Membership Rewards Card:

Members of Community Volunteer Associations (CVAs) and their families (Volunteer Families) will receive an annual Membership Rewards Card, which will entitle them to exclusive discounts and special offers from participating local businesses whose details and offers are provided on our home page.

The Membership Rewards Card program is designed to reward CVA members for their contribution towards helping our community grow and prosper, and to act as an incentive for retaining and recruiting new members to join.

To receive a free Membership Rewards Card, join one of the participating CVAs listed here:
Bellevue Residents and Ratepayers Association Inc
Bicycles for Humanity
Binar Sports
Swan Community Workshop
CWA Midland
Guildford Family Playgroup
Guildford Heritage Festival Council Inc
Guildford Historical Society
Guildford Stars Toastmasters club
Hand Tool Preservation Society of WA Inc
Hazelmere Progress Association
Hill Symphony Orchestra
Jane Brook Community Association
Machinery Preservation Club of WA Inc
Malvern Springs
P&C Association Inc
Stratton Community Association
Stratton Lions
Swan Toastmasters Club
Swan View Community Association

If your Community Volunteer Association is not listed and you would like to join the Membership Rewards Card program, please contact us.